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    Hola! My Penguins name is Pink Trigaa. My real name is Jessica. My penguin is a member. It alway wears pink (I am pink trigaa!!) and Is the leader of the Pink Patriots!(Look at Pink Patriots info for more info) I am on Club Penguin everyday and go on Turndra and Mammoth! I hope to soon be a famous penguin!
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New chatroom, chewypup’s =]

Heyy guys! I am a mod on chewypup’s, mohd’s, and Jack’s chat! It is awesome!
they r looking for mods who are on alot and there are plenty of people =]
Anyway… PEAC3~
~Pink Trigaa


New room on RH’s Ship & Key!

Well few people know that the crow nest is open, like fever didnt have it on his post…
but when u go on the ship look at the arrow pointing towards the crow nest and a ladder will come down!
I took the pic above when i was on Justines account for a video… Jjx0
(click for larger view)
And the key is in the book room, at the end of RH’s journal.
In the ship hold you can play Treasure hunt and read the notice board for updates!

Sorry for the lack of updates and i know i said i quit but i decided not to =]

New video =]

“Beat it” by fall out boy!

Ooo Upgrades?

[ Click for larger view]
Haha well i figured id let you know that Club penguin is having upgrades. When you try to get on Club penguin site the picture above is what is shown! I, Personally, cannot wait to see what Club penguin has done this time!! Sadley, I will not be able to finish my video today! Alright well thats all for this post!!
~Pink Trigaa~


Hey guys. I just say Fano && Phat Fano on cp Mammoth. I taped it, but i didnt feel like uploading it because it was really bad quality, so here is a pic.


Hey people, This wordpress is no longer a news  blah blah site. Im just ganna…. post my videos. Cause i dont have much time.
My 3 newest videos =]

Easter Party!




Click the egg on the top left corner when your done and u will get a green bunny ears hat!